QUAD TECHNICAL MIDDLE EAST FZ – LLC have group of professionals having over thirty years’ experience of sourcing and trading in Minerals, Metals, Ores, Manufacturing additives, chemicals etc for this industry from           reputed sources to our clients.


QUAD have experience in trading of Titanium Sponge (99.7%), Titanium Tetrachloride (99.9%), Titanium Ingots, Ferro Titanium in the field of Aviation, Defence, Space, Chemical Industries, Steel Plants, Petrochemicals, Power, Electronic, Medical Industries etc.

Carbon Material

QUAD also deal in Carbon Materials for Ferrous, Non-ferrous and Powder Metallurgy for production of Steel, Iron, Ferro Alloys, Aluminium, Magnesium, Titanium, Nickel and Other Metals and Alloys, Phosphorous, Carbides, Glass and Quartz, Ceramics and Refractories, abrasives, foundry and other industrial application materials. 

In addition, QUAD deal in Cast and Rolled Steel Round Billets for Seamless Pipe, Square Billets, HR Coil, Special section steel products, Plates, Pipes and Fittings for industrial use, and Non-Ferrous materials.

QUAD can also supply a range of cables – power, instrumentation and telecom, panels, junction boxes, cable trays, switches conduit pipes and light fixtures suiting the specifications of the client. 

QUAD have also a division which sources and sells scrap metals for recycling purposes and also scrap equipment for cannibalisation or reconditioning.